The SPY who loved NOTHING more than INDIA

So here I’m … You may think that am gonna tell you some story… But NO, certainly not. Am gonna present a great person’s life here…

Mr. Ravindra Kaushik 

Born and brought up in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, he was an aspiring theater artist. Born to an IAF officer, he was very devoted to our country. During his graduation he grew up to be a charismatic college student, with above-average intelligence and looks. He was theatrically inclined and staged mono-acting skits in college. During one of those plays held in Lucknow for upcoming theater artists, his performance as an Indian army officer who refused to divulge information to China that caught the attention of Indian intelligence agency, RAW. He was offered to be an undercover agent and he proudly accepted the offer.

Kaushik during the Lucknow Upcoming Theater Artists meet
Kaushik during the Lucknow Upcoming Theater Artists meet performing as an Indian Army Officer

Soon after graduating, he left for Delhi preparing himself to enter the world of stratagem and jeopardy. RAW polished Kaushik with all the skills required. He was taught Urdu, topography of Pakistan and was given religious education. After two full years of training he was well versed in the language which is spoken in major part of Pakistan. There started the Operation RED

Renamed as Nabi Ahmad Shakir, he landed Pakistan in 1975 and enrolled himself in LLB course in Karachi University. Post his graduation; he joined Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer in 1979. He became the ultimate insider by joining the Pak Army. In time, he got promoted to the post of Major.

“He spent 26 years of his life away from his home and family in Pakistan in very unfavorable conditions for our country, for us”

He fell in love with a local Pakistani girl and married her and has a daughter.

From 1979 to 1983, while in military service, he passed on valuable information to RAW which was of great help to the Indian defense forces. India thwarted many of Pak’s attempts to wage war across the borders of Rajasthan in India based on his information. Kaushik defied the Pakistan Army and its top class intelligence service for 26-long-years.

There is a saying “If you live by the sword, you die by one”. The same happened in Kaushik’s life too. His cover was blown.

An Indian agent Inyat Masiha, was sent to get in touch with Kaushik. They were supposed to meet in a park in but the agent was caught by Pakistan’s intelligence agency he disclosed his intent and also identified Kaushik… Former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee once in his letter to Kaushik’s mother read :  “Had he not been exposed, Kaushik would have been a senior army officer of the Pakistan government by now and (continued in) the coming years (serving India secretly).”

Ravinder Kausik was taken in custody and for next 2 years he remained in Pakistan Army custody for questioning, what were the results from that is still unknown.

In 1985, he was placed in a court trial for treason in which he was given death sentence, which was later pardoned by Ghulam Ishaq Khan who banned death sentence and turn all death sentences in to life sentence.

In jail they bribed Kaushik of leaving him without any charge if he told them all the secrets of Indian Government. The Real patriot son of Mother India Kaushik refused to tell them a single word.

From 1985 till 2001 Kaushik was kept in various jails, including Sialkot, Kot Lakhpat and in Mianwali jail for 16 years, where he contracted Asthma and TB. He managed to secretly send letters to his family in India, which revealed his poor health condition and the trauma faced by him in Pakistani jails.

In one of his letters he wrote,

“Kya Bharat jaise bade desh ke liye kurbani dene waalon ko yahi milta hai?” (Is this the reward a person gets for sacrificing his life for India?

On 21 November 2001, he succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease in New Central Jail Multan. He was buried behind that jail.

Just three days before his death, he wrote a bitter letter home: “Had I been an American, I would have been out of this jail in three days.”

He was given the title of ‘Black Tiger’ by India’s then home minister S.B. Chavan. Some testify that the title was conferred by then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

The only thing the government did after he died was to send his parents some money every month as pension. The family first got Rs. 500 a month, and after a few years, they began receiving Rs.2, 000 a month — until 2006, when his mother Amladevi died. His father had already died of a stroke two years following his son’s death.

The only person in India who cherishes Kaushik’s memory is his younger brother… “But for the country, he was just another agent.”

I hope to get answers for few of my questions and that’s the reason I penned this article.

The Real 'Black Tiger'
The Real ‘Black Tiger’


  1. How come Pakistan Army didn’t catch Kaushik’s cover during his 26 years of his military service?
  2. How was his cover managed during the background check of Pakistan Army?
  3. Somehow Indian Government could’ve saved him. Why wasn’t his happened? Why wasn’t he rescued by our Indian Government?
  4. What happened to his wife and his daughter after his death?
  5. Were they too interrogated and tortured by the Pakistan Army? Least our government could’ve saved them. Did that happen?
  6. Last and the most important, do we have more Indian agents in our armed forces of whom we don’t know???

14 thoughts on “The SPY who loved NOTHING more than INDIA

  1. I am still trying to find out what happened to his son and his wife! I saw in some article that he also died after Ravinder’s death. I wish govt should have saved him some how! This is a very sad 😢 end of a real life true hero of our nation!

    1. He has a daughter..and I couldn’t find more.. also couldn’t find about any other agents succeed or suffered.. not sure what to make it of.. should we consider no more agents suffered or Indian Government asusual ignored the pain and pleas of those poor souls …

  2. The Corrupt Netas, the corrupt Babus and greedy people of India should read this article. How much of sacrifice some people are doing for the nation, which goes just un-noticed and un rewarded. If every Indian puts Nation first like the Bharath Mata’s Great Son Mr. Ravindra Kaushik, no power on this earth can cast its evil eye our Great Nation. Jai Hind, Jai Bharath Matha

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