Open Road – Worth taking a ride

Open Road movie poster
Open Road movie poster

At times, in our life we cannot just move on without doing something what we have to do. This is the same problem Angie faces in this movie. She is a young woman who is in search of something in her life. Her FATHER. It’s like the goal of her life to meet this man… Though I like to lead a life as wild and carefree just like her, at times during the movie, I wondered whether I can go through all the hardships she has in her life during the journey.

We open with a young woman, Angie (Camilla Belle) sleeping in her tent while she works at a diner. It is the solo quest of a wanderer who wishes to achieve what she was looking for. Angie is an artist who feels trapped in her perfect life and she founds the freedom she craved on the open road. The nomadic life she leads is something I always wanted to have. She occasionally waitresses when the funds began to run low (how cool it would’ve been if we can do this in India).

She meets a grizzled, middle aged man named Chuck (Andy Garcia) who she befriends. Chuck, who is also homeless and lives life just like Angie, day by day, becomes more a Father. It is not until she finally meets a man that she eventually learns to trust, that we the audience find out her secret.

Until she meets a charming small-town cop (Colin Egglesfield) she doesn’t really know what real boding/ love is with a man. Now that Angie has found him who really cares about her, she finally starts to understand how it feels to have a home. Has she found a place where she can settle down? Can she have a place to call her home? Or is this just another stop on her long journey? Watch the movie to find out more…

This is a very heartwarming movie for me. It depicts love at its purest form. This movie will make us feel for the characters. The scenery of the ‘Open Road’ is breathtaking. As Angie is driving away from her love moving on to the next town on her list you look at the scenery and wish she would stay and enjoy her life. There are not many movies whose ending will move you to tears, but this is one of them.


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