Divergent – The Choice that transforms, defines or destroys!

0100_Divergent_Quad_AWIt’s very rare to say that a movie is as good as it’s adapted book. But unusual to say that it’s better than the book. Divergent is that unusual movie.

With the film adaptation of “Divergent,” the first novel in Veronica Roth’s trilogy, director Neil Burger (“Limitless”) has crafted a more satisfying than the best seller that inspired it.

Divergent” imagines a society in which the citizenry is divided into five monolithic factions according to personality. Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.

  • Abnegation – runs the municipal government – a self-sacrifice and altruistic faction
  • Amity – farms the land – dislikes war, always about harmony and happiness
  • Candor – runs the courts – values honesty and truth
  • Dauntless – guards the fences – fearless and reckless
  • Erudite – pursue scientific advancement – curiosity & knowledgeable

The adolescents are given aptitude tests to determine where they belong, which faction they have affinity with. They are allowed the opportunity to remain in the community of their birth or to select another, even if the test indicates they are not suited for it…

During the ceremony, Beatrice is deeply surprised by the fact that her brother Caleb chose Erudite, the faction of knowledge instead of Abnegation, the faction of the selfless. When it’s her turn, her choice not only surprised her family but herself, by choosing to spill her blood on hot coals or rocks, therefore, choosing Dauntless. Before they leave, Beatrice takes one last glance at her family; she sees her mother smiling at her, her father staring at her with a look of accusation, and her brother already happily adjusting with his new faction. Upon seeing Caleb, she realizes that she must, and eventually will, adjust, as well. Although that makes her merely human, it also means that she’s harder to corral and must hide her capabilities.

The first part of the film focuses mainly on Tris’s initiation as a member of Dauntless, during which time her unusual skills draw attention, both wanted and unwanted. A handsome, brooding trainer known as Four (Theo James) takes her under his bulging biceps, even as Tris earns closer scrutiny from some jealous recruits.

Later, Tris comes to know that her individuality of being Divergent might lead her to death and so she tries a lot in controlling herself which at times might be difficult for her. This is where she has to act as a robot as all Dauntless will be injected with a serum invented by Erudite which controls the brain. So when this happened, she confirms that Four is also a Divergent. They both will go together to find Tris’s family but end up being caught. The serum will not control Divergents and this is how the Dauntless finds and kills the Divergents. Tris being hurt will be left to be killed while Jeanine will take Four for further experiment. Here comes another twist in the plot, Tris’s mother will come and rescue Tris by shooting the soldiers who were about to kill Tris. Only here Tris will come to know that her mother was a transfer from Dauntless to Abnegation.

The story moves with the death of Tris’s parents, Tris trying to kill herself while saving Four and stopping Jeanine with her serum etc., The last scene would be all travelling in the train, where Tris and Four hugs!

The book explored more on the romance between Tris and Four.. But the movie was great in this part as it described Tris as fascinating for what she does, not merely for whom she likes.


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