K- Series

Did SKSeriesyou know that K-dramas are addictive? They all are not poor frail girls dying of some illness or some high-class guy/ girl rejects pure love, or some unconditional crime going on in the society etc., Few dramas are eye watering with romance in the air, friendship in the heart and all lovely feelings in life…

Once I haven’t known about the K series and when I came to know, I didn’t care much. But when I started watching, all I could say was just “AAwwwwwwww”. But a word of warning, K series are so addictive. Once you start watching you just can’t stop and you find yourself stuck to the screen. Believe me, I finished watching Boys Over Flowers in just 2 days.. Can you imagine..?? They are that addictive.. (That series has 25 episodes)

I’m extremely happy for my week-off which meant that I had time to sit still and watch without any disturbance, including my beloved phone 🙂 I’ve downloaded few other series and there are few many series for me to finish watching as I’ve accumulated a list without me noticing that I’ve a collection 🙂 🙂 .. All I thought this morning was “Let the K series marathon begin”Lol

If you are very new to Korean culture, here I’m gonna try my level best to give you an insight by providing the details of my favorite K series;..

Let me know what you think!!! 🙂 😛


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