The Hindu weapon of God
The weapon in Hindu Mythology…

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is situated on Tiruchirappalli Chennai NH 45, just 20 kms north of Tiruchirappalli town. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, hundreds of devotees throng the temple and perform different Poojas. The offerings are in various forms. The most common offering is the Mavilakku Mavu (made of jaggery, rice flour, dhal and ghee) & spiced buttermilk.

Flower festival is an important festival in this temple which happens on the tamil month of Chithirai (April – May),  a ritual of inviting Samayapuram Adhi Mariamman is a famous festival where people all over Tamil  Nadu visits the temple atleast one Sunday and offer their prayers and praising.

People offering their tribute by carrying  a fire pan (Thee satti - தீ சட்டி ) & milk jar
People offering their tribute by carrying a fire pan (Thee satti – தீ சட்டி ) & milk jar

This temple was built by King Vijayaraya Chakravarthi in the 18th Century. The rulers had committed to build a temple for the deity, provided they won the war. As the Vijayanagar rulers won the war, they built the temple for goddess Mariamman. Samayapuram was also known as Kannanur, Kannanpuram, Vikramapuram and Mahalipuram in ancient times.

The monumental tower
The monumental tower

Goddess Mariamman keeps a fast for twenty eight days in the month of Masi (February- March) for the welfare of Her devotees. During this period, the deity is not offered any cooked food as neivedhya. Only tender coconut water, fruit juice, Thullu Mavu, made out of flour is offered as neivedhya to the deity. During these days the goddess is showered with flowers only.

The flowers and coconut all ready to be offered to the God!
The flowers and coconut all ready to be offered to the God!

Apart from offering her with flowers, coconut, flour & milk, people do offer their prayers by tying sacred threads, turmerics, bangles and so…

Prayers everywhere!!!
Prayers everywhere!!!
Prayers with Turneric
Prayers with Turmeric

Though people do weird stuffs as an offer (like rolling in the floor with wet clothes, carrying fire pan, dressed with neem leaves, shaving their head) it is believed that this Goddess is powerful and answers all our prayers. For me, the Goddess is powerful and I’m just enchanted in her looks(I’m so enraptured that I didn’t think of clicking a pic). She has a power to mesmerize people. I’m still floating with her thoughts and image though it’s been completely more than 24 hours since my last visit. 

Visit and Stay blessed!!!


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