Enchanting Tamil Nadu – Temples

Vinayagar Temple in my native
Vinayagar Temple in my native

I always thought Tamil Nadu is not a state worth exploring. But Tamil Nadu was an eye opener for me when I get to know the places, when I gave chance for exploring more.

There are thousands of temples with lofty towers dot the skyline of the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu in India. These temples are the glorious heritage of the state & Shrines manifests the architectural brilliance of centuries. Exotic creative skills of the Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas and the Nayakas have left their imprints in the numerous Temple structures that don the holy land of Tamil Nadu.

The temples and Shrines, being visited by thousands of devotees offers blessings and various deities of Hindu mythology. With the social celebration and educational opportunities, the temple town sets a unique mark of their own in this universe.


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