Flip and Feathered

source: Google Images
source: Google Images

Travel = people perceive this in different terms as they wish. But for me, it’s like breathing.. Travelling makes me alive. Travelling makes me the person who I am. This doesn’t mean I travel almost always. Infact I have been travelling may be for 2 years now..

Since I started travelling, I started loving it. Loving it like crazy for that.. Before starting solo travel, I used to wait for others. I would like to travel with a friend or family member. But never I thought I would travel alone. But when I started solo travel, that’s awesome! It taught me a great lesson, “if I wait for others, I’ll never go anywhere.”

I know travelling alone will be scary, but as far as I’m concerned, growing old without experiencing everything is scarier. So if you are waiting for others to go with you & if you are putting off a trip because of this – JUST STOP! You will meet people, find friends along the way and life would become easier.

More than anything, solo travel gives the world freedom to you. It’s just you and no one else to reason your wishes. You go wherever you want and do whatever you wish. No one to stop you except you.. Do you wanna try crazy ideas, Go for it! No one’s there to change your directions.

Remember, there’s only now and if you don’t do it now, you probably will never. If I hadn’t tried, I’d still be in same place with same job around same people and friends


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