Ticking off the Bucket!!!

My bucket list is more than just a list of goals. It is a compilation of dreams and aspirations. Many of my items are big personal goals (become a published author), travel-related experiences (husky dog sledding in Scandinavia), or enhancing my knowledge (learning a new language).

First, I want to Travel. Travel all around the globe, and not only travel but also explore the city I live in. I don’t want to stay in one place for long time. I want to Live not Stay.” Since childhood I loved travelling and exploring.

Second, I want to read and read and read so many books that I own a library for myself!!!”

Third, I want to Write. Write and get published. So that I can take other people to have a peek in my world of words and let them escape reality whenever they want to. I want my writing to help and heal.” I stopped my thoughts here wondering whether this might come true. I started writing for a publishing house, but the latter, will people escape reality is  what am not sure about.

Final one is, I want to watch hell lot of Movies. The simplest thing is… I love movies. And I miss movies whenever I’m not watching. I see the world in movies. Which is amazing… Movies help me expand my imagination

“There’s one more thing on the top of my bucket list that is to help people come out of their sufferings and pain. I want to join in some kind of social group to lend my helping hand to humanity”, I can tick this off, but then I’m not satisfied with that one NGO experience. I wanted to do more. I wanted to start a NGO myself, I want to help always.

My bucket list allows me to endeavor for those things that give me a sense of purpose and enjoyment, which allows me to live my life to the fullest that moment. Sometimes bucket list items can seem frivolous and silly, such as skydiving or bungee-jumping or swimming with sharks (planning to swim with dolphins, let’s see. Can I really swim with sharks?)

Elation. Achievement. Joy. Happiness. Immeasurable Addictions. Hobbies. Dreams… Always swallowed with all these….

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