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Indiscreet ME …

I'm considered sweet, yet mysterious too, I'm absurdly messy, yet vital too, I guess, I shall never know, why I'm, who I'm. But isn't that the magic of life? Reading about my recklessness and discreetness, is always harmful — for you and for me! So, tell you what: One day, my fears of embarrassment and… Continue reading Indiscreet ME …

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_மானிடவர்க்கு என்று பேச்சுப்படில் வாழ்கில்லேன்_ (நா.திரு.1:5) என்று மானுட உலக ஆணினத்தின் மீதான எதிர்ப்பை வெளிப்படுத்தி புதிய மரபை முன்வைத்த அவளை, என்றும் இல்லாத திருநாளாய் இன்று, தேவதாசியா இல்லையா என்பதில்பொருள் தேடும் இச்சமூகத்தை — ஆண்களை வெறுத்ததன்றி, ஒட்டு மொத்த மானிட பிரவிகளையும் வெறுத்திருக்கலாம் அவள்... அன்றே... ஒருவேளை, அவள் அப்படி தான் என்றிருப்பர் போலும்.. இன்றோ,.. யாரோ, உலகின் ஏதோ ஒரு மூலையில், அவள் தேவதாசியாக இருந்திருக்க வாய்ப்புண்டு, எனக்கூறியதை, தன் பேச்சில், மேற்கோள்ளிட்டதற்காக… Continue reading Andal

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Frail and Flawed …

Oh! Love, Come, sit with me … Where do you want to sit, Under the starless night sky or, Inside the stranded room of ours? Let's sit as you wish, but promise me to tell, the secrets you keep hidden inside… I'll share my darkest with you, there's no fear of judgement among us.. You’re not the only… Continue reading Frail and Flawed …


Trained and Taught to Hate Myself

I was trained and taught to hate myself, I was told I'm insufficient, I was shown the reflection of negligence and hatred, I was body shamed, I was taught to torture myself... I fought my emotions, I committed mistakes that can be undone, I kept counting my sins and never ending pain, I was made… Continue reading Trained and Taught to Hate Myself

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What happens after we die?

When it comes to the discussion of death, it is considered that just the topic itself attracts the God Yama towards us. So, what happens after I die is something I cannot discuss with my family. Interesting how I can't say something out loud but can write and share with friends. When that time comes,… Continue reading What happens after we die?


Books I will read this Quarter

So, those who know me, knows that I LOVE to read... Earlier this year, I was sloppy so much that I didn't read as I would love to. I wasted lot of time, doing NOTHING. Literally doing nothing. not even sleeping.. Just I would sit and stare the ceiling or stay in bed without doing… Continue reading Books I will read this Quarter

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Bhagat Singh

            Bhagat Singh, iconic revolutionary and thinker, was born today (although we aren't sure if it is Sep 27 or Sep 28). He evokes unbounded respect and emotion all over India. He is a nationalist who sacrificed his life for his country. Although, if he would've lived in present India,… Continue reading Bhagat Singh


Yesterday marked ‘?’ years of Death Anniversary

Yesterday (July 27) was one of my uncle's death anniversary. It's been, how many years, since he died, is something I don't remember. And I'm not sure if I should be ashamed for that fact, or happy that I finally forgot him. I always shut myself from any pain. The same with my Dad. I… Continue reading Yesterday marked ‘?’ years of Death Anniversary

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Jallikattu Sapling Initiative: FAQ – 1

As we all took oath to plant a sapling after our success, I was wondering what to plant and where to.. I live in apartments and I have no space for plantation.. Then I realized plantation doesn't really mean that I have to plant a sapling of some native trees in the streets but I… Continue reading Jallikattu Sapling Initiative: FAQ – 1

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Silent Whispers of Winter: Rays of Love and Care

When I was presented with the option of co-authoring an anthology of poems, I was hesitant in the beginning. I'm a person who loves writing but not -so-good with deadlines on personal tasks.. So, I was wondering if I will be able to finish it as expected. Then, I thought I can do and I… Continue reading Silent Whispers of Winter: Rays of Love and Care