Trained and Taught to Hate Myself

I was trained and taught to hate myself, I was told I'm insufficient, I was shown the reflection of negligence and hatred, I was body shamed, I was taught to torture myself... I fought my emotions, I committed mistakes that can be undone, I kept counting my sins and never ending pain, I was made… Continue reading Trained and Taught to Hate Myself


Books I will read this Quarter

So, those who know me, knows that I LOVE to read... Earlier this year, I was sloppy so much that I didn't read as I would love to. I wasted lot of time, doing NOTHING. Literally doing nothing. not even sleeping.. Just I would sit and stare the ceiling or stay in bed without doing… Continue reading Books I will read this Quarter


Yesterday marked ‘?’ years of Death Anniversary

Yesterday (July 27) was one of my uncle's death anniversary. It's been, how many years, since he died, is something I don't remember. And I'm not sure if I should be ashamed for that fact, or happy that I finally forgot him. I always shut myself from any pain. The same with my Dad. I… Continue reading Yesterday marked ‘?’ years of Death Anniversary

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Out of World – NO Mobile

So friends.. My work week has started in such a bad state where I splashed some handful of water in my mobile.. I'm out of this whole world right now.. With no communication with my friends or family... All the social media sites are restricted in my workplace.. so unless I reach my room, I… Continue reading Out of World – NO Mobile

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Little rays of Sunshine

Life is busy.. We never get a chance to enjoy all those little things in our life. Not those stuffs like work, commitments, friends or family.. But those cute tiny things like morning dew, the evening rays, earthly night stars etc., But I get my rays of SUNSHINE from a person. Isn't that crazy? As crazy… Continue reading Little rays of Sunshine

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Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Okay…after all the posts here in my blog, this is an entirely different one. I don't know how to categorize this or what to put on. Though I have friends who would listen to me, I haven't shared this with any of them. Eventually they might read this or not. But, I guess letting numerous strangers… Continue reading Should I or Shouldn’t I?


Hi there!

So, it's been more than a month since I wrote something here and I've no idea really on what went wrong. Why I didn't bother to write any for a whole month. I guess either I've lost track of time or I lost the shiny feel of writing. NOT THE SECOND OPTION... Hmmmmm, it's usual and… Continue reading Hi there!

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Poem ~Hope!

Sitting here, looking at my screen, I wish to wipe away everything, The past for which I've lost everything, The price I've paid for losing everything, Knowing the consequences, I dwelled in the wrong places, I looked at the wrong people, Knowing the consequences, I committed all those crimes, Now, paying the price hurts, Shedding… Continue reading Poem ~Hope!

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Renovation & Rejuvenation: Temple Kumbabhishegam

The temple consecration is called the kumbhabhishekam. Literally, this formidable term means the “sprinkling” (abhishekam) of the temple with sacred water carried in a “water-pot” (kumbha).  This is the very important ritual for a newly built temple and also this happens once every 12 years, and it is a beautiful time to see the temple would have been… Continue reading Renovation & Rejuvenation: Temple Kumbabhishegam