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so much more.. Sri Lanka – Part 1

The nervousness of the first international trip left me sleepless and I landed in the morning around 11 AM at Colombo without having slept a wink. Forget sleep, I haven't eaten anything properly the previous day.. Probably not the best time to visit the island - I ended up there in a wrong season, but not so wrong.. Most… Continue reading so much more.. Sri Lanka – Part 1

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Shimla: On road to the Himachal Jewel

It was winter time; I accompanied my friend Eliza to the beautiful Shimla as a part of visiting few NGOs there, we thought to intern with them. At first I was hesitant wondering about the chill there at that time of a year, but couldn’t resist myself from such an adventure. I didn’t think, rather… Continue reading Shimla: On road to the Himachal Jewel

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Aalayangal: Tiruvarur Temples!

Long back, we went to a certain temple in Thiruvarur District.2 temples in a day. Koothanur - The town is located at a distance of 25 kilometres from Tiruvarur. A temple for Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning is situated in this place. Koothanur is the only temple in Tamil Nadu for the goddess Saraswati. Saraswati… Continue reading Aalayangal: Tiruvarur Temples!

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Lifetime Trip: On Road – India to Thailand

Astonished?? I was when I heard that.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news.. I kept reading more than thrice (just to be sure) On Road to Thailand.. Whoa! Government has built a highway which will be opened by November.. 2 months to go!! The construction of the highway had started in… Continue reading Lifetime Trip: On Road – India to Thailand

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Bits and Pieces

There were so many moments in my life when I found myself at crossroads; confused and afraid which way to take. Usually in these situations the choices we make defines the rest of our day. But when I'm faced with such unknown or unfamiliar situation, I tend to turn around and go back. This was… Continue reading Bits and Pieces


New Girl in the City #1 (Kolkata)

So, I always wanted to write something with this title since I loved this title from the beginning when I came across it in a movie (Wake Up Sid)... Ha ha ... And here finally I travelled and am writing in the same topic... It's quite interesting and also I’m enthralled to pen my travel… Continue reading New Girl in the City #1 (Kolkata)