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Life in Brothel – Defined Destiny

It was pitch black as I stumbled through Sonagachi, Kolkata's notorious red-light district.. I was completely nervous when I get this chance to visit Sonagachi. I'd been told to hide my camera and mobile, not to speak (even with my friends who accompanied me) and not to make eye contact with anyone. (Those pimps, who is… Continue reading Life in Brothel – Defined Destiny

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Haiku ~~ Price

Sleeping with him, Fulfilled his wishes. Did she Prefer the money?

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Vandalized Innocence – Part 2

As the clock strikes five every evening, they get down to business.Plain-clothed men awaits their client. And these men will be picked up by women & at times, they have to amuse and enthral other men who looks for cheap sex. These men lead a cloak-and-dagger life where they have to satisfy the needs of all sexes and… Continue reading Vandalized Innocence – Part 2

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Vandalized Innocence – Part 1

Trafficking can happen anywhere and in any field. After sex trade & forced labor, my belief is this trafficking happens more in Armed Forces section. Recently the use of children in the armed forces are rising. According to a report published in 2013 (Trafficking in Person)  the child soldiers count has increased up to 30%… Continue reading Vandalized Innocence – Part 1