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Love and Sanity

I wonder if love and sanity are same! When I say, I'm in love — does this mean I'm sane or insane?!

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Beautifully Flawed

To all those who are crazy, in one way or the other, this is for you all... because I'm one among you 🙂 🙂 I'm one of you... I'm a random person. Most of my conversations with my friends don't start with hello (not usually if I'm comfortable with them). Mostly it is like OMG,… Continue reading Beautifully Flawed

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New Girl in the City – Delhi

The day I decided to try my luck all over again in writing and relocate to Delhi, I was filled with all my dreams and hopes wrapped up all over again to start  over new. The city, is not new to me,  nor am I to it. But fate had something else in store! All those misfortunes that… Continue reading New Girl in the City – Delhi

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Little rays of Sunshine

Life is busy.. We never get a chance to enjoy all those little things in our life. Not those stuffs like work, commitments, friends or family.. But those cute tiny things like morning dew, the evening rays, earthly night stars etc., But I get my rays of SUNSHINE from a person. Isn't that crazy? As crazy… Continue reading Little rays of Sunshine

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Sex on the Beach!?!??!

Sex on the Beach skites one of the most seductive names for a cocktail. But this is just a fruit filled drink is perfect for enjoying a day on the beach, it’s no wonder this cocktail has stayed around for so long... The cocktail is made with vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice.. The aroma isn’t… Continue reading Sex on the Beach!?!??!

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This world needs INSPIRATION!

Inspiration - Something, without which the world wouldn't be alive. Something, without which the living beings wouldn't be in this universe. This world aches for inspiration in everything. As I left the IT concern I worked for, I felt anxious and scared. I knew that I didn't belong there. I knew that I need a place to satisfy my… Continue reading This world needs INSPIRATION!

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Art of my Book Making

Usually poems and ideas stem from a single thought. It might be either what if or why not this? To me, book writing idea was born when I met Aaliya in Kolkata. Until then, I never had the courage even to showcase my poems on my own. My showcasing scenario was always 1:10. I was… Continue reading Art of my Book Making

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Hypocrisy and Métier

So, ever wondered how this two can combine? I'll tell you.. Before proceeding, this isn't something that of a happy post. So if you need some happy ending, please STOP right here. If you would like to share my pain and tell me on changing to being happy, please go ahead 🙂 🙂 I appreciate… Continue reading Hypocrisy and Métier

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So worried about being Judged …

Those who are blogging might understand this... There's something about blogging and social media.. I mean, sharing our personal opinions and thoughts makes us vulnerable.. I know I feel so vulnerable whenever I share something, and I feel great deal of pleasure and relieved when people accepts that.. I don't understand one thing though.. Why… Continue reading So worried about being Judged …

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If we could share a tea now …

Okay, so this is my third virtual tea date … Unfortunately no one accepted my first date 😥 😦 and my second date too .. Most unfortunate person, I think ... but here I’m with some news to share with everyone.. If we could share a tea right now…I would tell you how happy I'm, as I found someone who… Continue reading If we could share a tea now …