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Poem ~Hope!

Sitting here, looking at my screen, I wish to wipe away everything, The past for which I've lost everything, The price I've paid for losing everything, Knowing the consequences, I dwelled in the wrong places, I looked at the wrong people, Knowing the consequences, I committed all those crimes, Now, paying the price hurts, Shedding… Continue reading Poem ~Hope!

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Renovation & Rejuvenation: Temple Kumbabhishegam

The temple consecration is called the kumbhabhishekam. Literally, this formidable term means the “sprinkling” (abhishekam) of the temple with sacred water carried in a “water-pot” (kumbha).  This is the very important ritual for a newly built temple and also this happens once every 12 years, and it is a beautiful time to see the temple would have been… Continue reading Renovation & Rejuvenation: Temple Kumbabhishegam