Read my Eyes

Being soft skill trainer, I gotta use lot of skills to understand people and at times, I fail in doing so… We all wear masks but then not all the time we can maintain that right??? So while thinking how to read/ judge people, came across an article on understanding people just by looking at … More Read my Eyes

Workaholic or Not???

Until a few years ago, I found myself in a situation that now  I realize wasn’t unique. I have found myself working every waking moment. I thought that long working hours will prove my dedication and passion towards my work and will make me successful in my career. I felt proud of my long working hours which is some 70-80 … More Workaholic or Not???

Bits and Pieces

There were so many moments in my life when I found myself at crossroads; confused and afraid which way to take. Usually in these situations the choices we make defines the rest of our day. But when I’m faced with such unknown or unfamiliar situation, I tend to turn around and go back. This was … More Bits and Pieces