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Misplaced Monday

Does the title ring any bell? Probably NOT, because this is the first time, I'm gonna try this. I've written few articles about how a book made me feel (I wouldn't call them review) and this Misplaced Monday is a similar sort. But gonna be only on Mondays and this will cover pretty much the… Continue reading Misplaced Monday

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Can you relate?

After all these days, Whenever I look up at you, I lock my eyes with yours, and hope with all might, that, you will say, "I love you too!" © ArunaLakshmi Ramu

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Indiscreet ME …

I'm considered sweet, yet mysterious too, I'm absurdly messy, yet vital too, I guess, I shall never know, why I'm, who I'm. But isn't that the magic of life? Reading about my recklessness and discreetness, is always harmful — for you and for me! So, tell you what: One day, my fears of embarrassment and… Continue reading Indiscreet ME …

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Out of World – NO Mobile

So friends.. My work week has started in such a bad state where I splashed some handful of water in my mobile.. I'm out of this whole world right now.. With no communication with my friends or family... All the social media sites are restricted in my workplace.. so unless I reach my room, I… Continue reading Out of World – NO Mobile

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The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

Friendships are like the waves in the sea, sometimes they flow naturally and effortlessly, other times, they crash and collide. Despite the fact people continually walk in and out of our lives, it’s rare to find someone special. Someone special that they both can be the best friend and also be stupid enough to irritate… Continue reading The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

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Poem ~Hope!

Sitting here, looking at my screen, I wish to wipe away everything, The past for which I've lost everything, The price I've paid for losing everything, Knowing the consequences, I dwelled in the wrong places, I looked at the wrong people, Knowing the consequences, I committed all those crimes, Now, paying the price hurts, Shedding… Continue reading Poem ~Hope!



Being in IT field as Content Writer, I started realizing that this is one job where almost always you'll be neglected. Though your work that is your content plays major role, the recognition will be ZERO at times. Be it monetary or just work of appreciation.. I mean you will be writing struggling your ass of,… Continue reading Oops…

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Monday – Drive through Stress and Sufferings

Monday was supremely tiring..extremely tiring. I thought to start my day with all extra power and energy, which I lost just with the sight at the emails I had to read...at work... I had some double digit emails pending to be read... But still this too has to pass on and I finished reading all… Continue reading Monday – Drive through Stress and Sufferings