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Beautifully Flawed

To all those who are crazy, in one way or the other, this is for you all... because I'm one among you 🙂 🙂 I'm one of you... I'm a random person. Most of my conversations with my friends don't start with hello (not usually if I'm comfortable with them). Mostly it is like OMG,… Continue reading Beautifully Flawed

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The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

Friendships are like the waves in the sea, sometimes they flow naturally and effortlessly, other times, they crash and collide. Despite the fact people continually walk in and out of our lives, it’s rare to find someone special. Someone special that they both can be the best friend and also be stupid enough to irritate… Continue reading The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

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How you make me feel?

Dear You,... I want you to know, How much just seeing you truly means to me... Let's see how should I start? First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart, I can't think straight when you are near For I am blinded with fear, The fear of you finding out, what I'm trying… Continue reading How you make me feel?

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Sunshine, Roses and Storms

Already I've written about the little rays of sunshine. Now I'm gonna write about roses and storms.. may be little extra about my sunshine too... So what's this roses and storms? Roses are the friends I got here and storms - the problems! I wouldn't say that I am so grateful for my life as… Continue reading Sunshine, Roses and Storms

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Sex on the Beach!?!??!

Sex on the Beach skites one of the most seductive names for a cocktail. But this is just a fruit filled drink is perfect for enjoying a day on the beach, it’s no wonder this cocktail has stayed around for so long... The cocktail is made with vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice.. The aroma isn’t… Continue reading Sex on the Beach!?!??!

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Shimla: On road to the Himachal Jewel

It was winter time; I accompanied my friend Eliza to the beautiful Shimla as a part of visiting few NGOs there, we thought to intern with them. At first I was hesitant wondering about the chill there at that time of a year, but couldn’t resist myself from such an adventure. I didn’t think, rather… Continue reading Shimla: On road to the Himachal Jewel

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As we are about to step in afresh year, I wanted to look back in my memories.. Friendship and Fun... I definitely have gained a lot of friends in this year... They were with me through all my ups and downs.. And they definitely are the reason for my happiness..With each and everyone here, I… Continue reading 2015!

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Cheers to 10 years of friendship!

It's amazing how far we've come. All of us are travelling in an entirely different boats. Some already settled by choosing family, some working somewhere (for few it doesn't make sense), some like Bena ( 😛 sorry) struggling with kids, some are residing abroad already. Though leading different path, when I think of people to want… Continue reading Cheers to 10 years of friendship!

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Art of my Book Making

Usually poems and ideas stem from a single thought. It might be either what if or why not this? To me, book writing idea was born when I met Aaliya in Kolkata. Until then, I never had the courage even to showcase my poems on my own. My showcasing scenario was always 1:10. I was… Continue reading Art of my Book Making

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October Wrap Up: Books, Movies and much more…

I haven't been planning on writing a wrap up for read books. Then I thought I can do this as this probably will help me in reliving the moments I enjoyed once again... 🙂 🙂 Time flies when you’re having fun, right? I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, with office and other… Continue reading October Wrap Up: Books, Movies and much more…