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Beautifully Flawed

To all those who are crazy, in one way or the other, this is for you all... because I'm one among you 🙂 🙂 I'm one of you... I'm a random person. Most of my conversations with my friends don't start with hello (not usually if I'm comfortable with them). Mostly it is like OMG,… Continue reading Beautifully Flawed

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Dear March …

Dear March, You know when I met you, I was pretty much wasted, I should have known better than, to give away my heart, to someone who wouldn't return my love. I should have known better, because when you met me, I was drowning in the pool of my emotions. I should've known better, NOT… Continue reading Dear March …

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Wishful Thinking: You Complete Me

I think about the beginning. Those early days when I first saw her and had an insane crush on her always will remain afresh in my heart. Those days were lovely for me and crazy fun for few friends of mine. They still tease me whenever we cross her... the way my eyes lit, the… Continue reading Wishful Thinking: You Complete Me

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Can you relate?

After all these days, Whenever I look up at you, I lock my eyes with yours, and hope with all might, that, you will say, "I love you too!" © ArunaLakshmi Ramu

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Ramble on

So much has happened since I last blogged, yet so little has changed. It's been more than 15 days since I wrote a poem which should be a huge change but doesn't feel so. And it's been 2 days since I read a book which also for strange reason isn't bothering me. I scribbled few… Continue reading Ramble on

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Bound by Spell

How I forgot to breathe, that moment I saw you… The stillness in the air, made it hard to breathe You made me feel as if the time has stopped, there were so many words left unsaid, I wish for those words to come back to me I want to grab you in my hands… Continue reading Bound by Spell

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Broken Promises …

I can still taste your lies, and feel it crawling under my skin, With all the love we held between you didn't choose to stay.. All I think about is 'you', and all you think about is 'yourself' Strange, right? For, my love still lingers, and I keep painting poems, wrapped with all my love!… Continue reading Broken Promises …

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What happens after we die?

When it comes to the discussion of death, it is considered that just the topic itself attracts the God Yama towards us. So, what happens after I die is something I cannot discuss with my family. Interesting how I can't say something out loud but can write and share with friends. When that time comes,… Continue reading What happens after we die?

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Only Death …

"The sweetest smile holds the most mysteries.” This aptly fits for our former CM Dr. Jayalalithaa. After all these years of public life, she is still an mystery, a multi-layered phenomenon. It’s no wonder that today when she passed away after a cardiac arrest, almost the whole Tamil Nadu has come to a virtual standstill. The… Continue reading Only Death …

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The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

Friendships are like the waves in the sea, sometimes they flow naturally and effortlessly, other times, they crash and collide. Despite the fact people continually walk in and out of our lives, it’s rare to find someone special. Someone special that they both can be the best friend and also be stupid enough to irritate… Continue reading The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …