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Out of World – NO Mobile

So friends.. My work week has started in such a bad state where I splashed some handful of water in my mobile.. I'm out of this whole world right now.. With no communication with my friends or family... All the social media sites are restricted in my workplace.. so unless I reach my room, I… Continue reading Out of World – NO Mobile

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Only Death …

"The sweetest smile holds the most mysteries.” This aptly fits for our former CM Dr. Jayalalithaa. After all these years of public life, she is still an mystery, a multi-layered phenomenon. It’s no wonder that today when she passed away after a cardiac arrest, almost the whole Tamil Nadu has come to a virtual standstill. The… Continue reading Only Death …

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Do you know: rape by 2 men is NOT a GANG RAPE???

Yes... 2 men raping a woman cannot be considered as gang rape.. We need at least 3 or more men to rape, which can  be considered as gang rape... I'm completely, what am I feeling? How to put in words??? Oh.. I'm running out of words.. All the world's swear words won't be enough for… Continue reading Do you know: rape by 2 men is NOT a GANG RAPE???

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Vandalized Innocence – Part 2

As the clock strikes five every evening, they get down to business.Plain-clothed men awaits their client. And these men will be picked up by women & at times, they have to amuse and enthral other men who looks for cheap sex. These men lead a cloak-and-dagger life where they have to satisfy the needs of all sexes and… Continue reading Vandalized Innocence – Part 2

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No one should work this way ….

Being in IT field, we often complaint that we work over hours and at times we have even felt that no one will work like the way we do... Here is something for everyone of us who have thought so... A word of warning: If you are a faint-hearted person, please stop here... Don't go further... If… Continue reading No one should work this way ….

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India Ambush: Deadliest Attack

At least 20 soldiers have been killed and 15 injured in an attack on a troop convoy in north-east India, police say. This is a well planned and clinically executed plan which took on life of our soldiers.... This deadliest ambush occurred in the state of Manipur as the convoy made its way to Imphal,… Continue reading India Ambush: Deadliest Attack

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A-Z Challenge – Iron Lady

As for Indians, the Iron Lady of India is former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But as for me that title suits better to Ms. Irom Sharmila. Here, I don't deny Indira Gandhi's efforts or degrade her.. But as for my opinion, Irom Sharmila is far more better and great when compared to few others. Are… Continue reading A-Z Challenge – Iron Lady

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Nepal Heartache…

I always wanted to visit Nepal. Always, that is every day I wish for this to happen and I look forward for that eagerly. I have few friends from there and I thought I should give them surprise saying "I'm in your place" Like most people, I have spent the past few days glued to… Continue reading Nepal Heartache…

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Sadism on a Sacred Day – Remembering Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre or Amritsar massacre was an important incident in the history of Indian freedom movement during the British Raj.  Today is the anniversary of that cold blooded incident in the history. It’s been 96 years since that incident happened yet it gives me the pain as if it happened yesterday/ today. The pain I feel… Continue reading Sadism on a Sacred Day – Remembering Jallianwala Bagh

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Dear Girl, It’s all over!

Dear Girl, (or should I call lady or woman? #wondering) So girls, have you been noticing what’s happening in our Mother Country? I know you couldn’t have missed it. I know my opinions or rather should I say our opinions aren’t welcome. But who cares? Right? We are in GRAVE DANGER dears. Have you guys ever… Continue reading Dear Girl, It’s all over!