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Silent Whispers of Winter: Rays of Love and Care

When I was presented with the option of co-authoring an anthology of poems, I was hesitant in the beginning. I'm a person who loves writing but not -so-good with deadlines on personal tasks.. So, I was wondering if I will be able to finish it as expected. Then, I thought I can do and I… Continue reading Silent Whispers of Winter: Rays of Love and Care

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How you make me feel?

Dear You,... I want you to know, How much just seeing you truly means to me... Let's see how should I start? First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart, I can't think straight when you are near For I am blinded with fear, The fear of you finding out, what I'm trying… Continue reading How you make me feel?

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Little rays of Sunshine

Life is busy.. We never get a chance to enjoy all those little things in our life. Not those stuffs like work, commitments, friends or family.. But those cute tiny things like morning dew, the evening rays, earthly night stars etc., But I get my rays of SUNSHINE from a person. Isn't that crazy? As crazy… Continue reading Little rays of Sunshine

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Today’s Book Escape: Digital Fortress

I personally found the book a little boring. Comparing to the other works of Mr. Brown, like the Da Vinci Code, this one, I found a little uninteresting. I’ve watched enough spy movies, and read enough books with the same type of storyline to say that this is one of the plain and may be… Continue reading Today’s Book Escape: Digital Fortress

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Art of my Book Making

Usually poems and ideas stem from a single thought. It might be either what if or why not this? To me, book writing idea was born when I met Aaliya in Kolkata. Until then, I never had the courage even to showcase my poems on my own. My showcasing scenario was always 1:10. I was… Continue reading Art of my Book Making

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Poem – Voice of my Soul

Those words of yours Were caring enough To make me long to hear always, In good times, Your enthusiasm added my joy... In troubled times you know, The perfect way to make me smile... Your thoughtful silence Makes me comfort... If only you could hear the Voice of my soul, You'd know, How deeply I… Continue reading Poem – Voice of my Soul

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Rain and the endless love affair!!!

Rain is always special for us right? And for me, it is double special always... I'll go crazy to roam when it is raining. Rain and myself have a very great connection.. It is like my soulmate.. I can do whatever I wish without any hesitation when it is raining.. I can without the fear… Continue reading Rain and the endless love affair!!!

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Happiness is …

Everyone will have different perspectives on what is happiness... For me, happiness is getting published 🙂 🙂 Recently, I wrote 2 poems for a Poetry Festival... Delhi Poetry Festival by Kaafiya... And the best part is, both got published 🙂 in Readomania  Though am not sure whether my poem will be published in Readomania's book,… Continue reading Happiness is …