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The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

Friendships are like the waves in the sea, sometimes they flow naturally and effortlessly, other times, they crash and collide. Despite the fact people continually walk in and out of our lives, it’s rare to find someone special. Someone special that they both can be the best friend and also be stupid enough to irritate… Continue reading The Best and STUPID Friend of mine …

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How you make me feel?

Dear You,... I want you to know, How much just seeing you truly means to me... Let's see how should I start? First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart, I can't think straight when you are near For I am blinded with fear, The fear of you finding out, what I'm trying… Continue reading How you make me feel?

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Cheers to 10 years of friendship!

It's amazing how far we've come. All of us are travelling in an entirely different boats. Some already settled by choosing family, some working somewhere (for few it doesn't make sense), some like Bena ( 😛 sorry) struggling with kids, some are residing abroad already. Though leading different path, when I think of people to want… Continue reading Cheers to 10 years of friendship!

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Birthday Bash

Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing and feasting.. Especially if that's spent with friends, it will be a bash.. Today is my friend's birthday and we all had such a wonderful time celebrating his birthday ... SO here, I'm sharing our joy with you all through the pics ... Happy Birthday!! How is it… Continue reading Birthday Bash

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Poem – Voice of my Soul

Those words of yours Were caring enough To make me long to hear always, In good times, Your enthusiasm added my joy... In troubled times you know, The perfect way to make me smile... Your thoughtful silence Makes me comfort... If only you could hear the Voice of my soul, You'd know, How deeply I… Continue reading Poem – Voice of my Soul


Possessiveness and Pyaar …

Friendship, at times can bring us some beautiful awkward moments.. We cherish each and every moment we spend with friends... But there comes a time, where all we would like to do is to forget that awkward moment we had with our friend... All because of our stupid statement, decision or thoughts...And this will happen… Continue reading Possessiveness and Pyaar …

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Unsung Love …

Can a guy and a girl be best friends forever??? So far I'm thinking a YES as an answer to this question.. Whenever someone asks me this question, my mind voice is "Bitch please.. Why can't?" but  today I started considering this.. I mean I don't have any doubts in that part.. But few of… Continue reading Unsung Love …

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Helping from Hell as Heaven – Harrish Iyer

Harrish Iyer - I'm not sure what my first thought was when I heard this name.. But later when I get to know this person, I was pretty shocked with his bravery and pretty excited about knowing this guy..   So, when was that I came to know him?? Hmmmm... Right, we both have mutual friend… Continue reading Helping from Hell as Heaven – Harrish Iyer

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A Romantic Getaway

It was almost 4:00 AM. The magical hour. The hour that stands out in most of the movies, books and in our lives. The romantic getaway from real life, which came true for me recently .... The magical hour, most people would be asleep and if shift worker, trying to put off sleep. But if… Continue reading A Romantic Getaway