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Love and Sanity

I wonder if love and sanity are same! When I say, I'm in love — does this mean I'm sane or insane?!

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Wishful Thinking: You Complete Me

I think about the beginning. Those early days when I first saw her and had an insane crush on her always will remain afresh in my heart. Those days were lovely for me and crazy fun for few friends of mine. They still tease me whenever we cross her... the way my eyes lit, the… Continue reading Wishful Thinking: You Complete Me

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Bound by Spell

How I forgot to breathe, that moment I saw you… The stillness in the air, made it hard to breathe You made me feel as if the time has stopped, there were so many words left unsaid, I wish for those words to come back to me I want to grab you in my hands… Continue reading Bound by Spell

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Broken Promises …

I can still taste your lies, and feel it crawling under my skin, With all the love we held between you didn't choose to stay.. All I think about is 'you', and all you think about is 'yourself' Strange, right? For, my love still lingers, and I keep painting poems, wrapped with all my love!… Continue reading Broken Promises …

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Frail and Flawed …

Oh! Love, Come, sit with me … Where do you want to sit, Under the starless night sky or, Inside the stranded room of ours? Let's sit as you wish, but promise me to tell, the secrets you keep hidden inside… I'll share my darkest with you, there's no fear of judgement among us.. You’re not the only… Continue reading Frail and Flawed …

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Eat this story: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I waited such a long time for this book and when I get to hold this book, that was exactly with Harry Potter feeling. I mean, I can't bring words to that feel.. The hardcover was awesome, just black. Wonderful! Though the cover is nice, it takes out the hardcover look. When I opened the… Continue reading Eat this story: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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Poem ~Hope!

Sitting here, looking at my screen, I wish to wipe away everything, The past for which I've lost everything, The price I've paid for losing everything, Knowing the consequences, I dwelled in the wrong places, I looked at the wrong people, Knowing the consequences, I committed all those crimes, Now, paying the price hurts, Shedding… Continue reading Poem ~Hope!

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Life in Brothel – Defined Destiny

It was pitch black as I stumbled through Sonagachi, Kolkata's notorious red-light district.. I was completely nervous when I get this chance to visit Sonagachi. I'd been told to hide my camera and mobile, not to speak (even with my friends who accompanied me) and not to make eye contact with anyone. (Those pimps, who is… Continue reading Life in Brothel – Defined Destiny

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How I was publicly masturbated at…

When I was 14, a guy pressed against me and started rubbing his erection. I was bewildered. stunned. frightened. frozen. Yet I opened my mouth to fight for me. And guess what? People in the bus didn't react much. They thought I'm crazy and asked me to calm down. Calm down?? !!!? They reacted as… Continue reading How I was publicly masturbated at…

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Hypocrisy and Métier

So, ever wondered how this two can combine? I'll tell you.. Before proceeding, this isn't something that of a happy post. So if you need some happy ending, please STOP right here. If you would like to share my pain and tell me on changing to being happy, please go ahead 🙂 🙂 I appreciate… Continue reading Hypocrisy and Métier