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I for Irresistible Dream

An attraction holding, In to the distance, Standing alone, I circle the sky! I dream reaching sky! I enjoy the taste of flight! I frighten the death! A soul with love for aircraft! A soul with desire for flight! A soul with determination to fly! A soul with envy of skies! There is no feeling… Continue reading I for Irresistible Dream

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A is for Army

He cannot sleep in the night nor in the day, He stays alert, So we can have a safe place to lay; Have you ever imagined his life out there? The constant fighting, The continuous warning, The unceasing fire, The unremitting life? The life where his friends demand him to fight, The life where his foes… Continue reading A is for Army

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Inventions: Solar Bird

Look at that giant bird! Whoever captured this image has done a great job. Kudos! Now, wondering what's special in that? The flight is special... completely... It's a plane powered by the sun’s rays. Yes. Solar Impulse 2 will fly without fuel. Because it's wings were equipped with 17,000 solar cells that charges the batteries. The… Continue reading Inventions: Solar Bird


Boeing Delivers 3rd P-8I to India

The third Boeing P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the Indian Navy arrived yesterday in India, on schedule. The aircraft departed Boeing Field in Seattle for Naval Station Rajali, where it joined two P-8Is currently undergoing flight trials and testing. The first P-8I arrived in India in May. The P-8I is one… Continue reading Boeing Delivers 3rd P-8I to India