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I for Irresistible Dream

An attraction holding, In to the distance, Standing alone, I circle the sky! I dream reaching sky! I enjoy the taste of flight! I frighten the death! A soul with love for aircraft! A soul with desire for flight! A soul with determination to fly! A soul with envy of skies! There is no feeling… Continue reading I for Irresistible Dream

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How you make me feel?

Dear You,... I want you to know, How much just seeing you truly means to me... Let's see how should I start? First, let's talk about the way you affected my heart, I can't think straight when you are near For I am blinded with fear, The fear of you finding out, what I'm trying… Continue reading How you make me feel?

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A is for Army

He cannot sleep in the night nor in the day, He stays alert, So we can have a safe place to lay; Have you ever imagined his life out there? The constant fighting, The continuous warning, The unceasing fire, The unremitting life? The life where his friends demand him to fight, The life where his foes… Continue reading A is for Army

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All set for new challenge!

I came across Purba Chakraborty's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) earlier this morning and got all excited. I mean, imagine writing 50,000 words in a month. Whoa!! I started wondering if I can do that. But then, I'm not a novel person. So I would like to take this chance to write poems. Instead of… Continue reading All set for new challenge!

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A-Z Challenge – Iron Lady

As for Indians, the Iron Lady of India is former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But as for me that title suits better to Ms. Irom Sharmila. Here, I don't deny Indira Gandhi's efforts or degrade her.. But as for my opinion, Irom Sharmila is far more better and great when compared to few others. Are… Continue reading A-Z Challenge – Iron Lady

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Helping from Hell as Heaven – Harrish Iyer

Harrish Iyer - I'm not sure what my first thought was when I heard this name.. But later when I get to know this person, I was pretty shocked with his bravery and pretty excited about knowing this guy..   So, when was that I came to know him?? Hmmmm... Right, we both have mutual friend… Continue reading Helping from Hell as Heaven – Harrish Iyer

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A-Z CHALLENGE – Gurukulam for Gurus – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gopal Krishna Gokhale was one of the pillar of the Indian Independence Movement.. He was also a senior leader of Indian National Congress He was a leader of social and political reformists and one of the founding leaders of Indian Independence Movement. Gokhale's voice aspired millions of Indians to participate in Indian Freedom Struggle. Apart from… Continue reading A-Z CHALLENGE – Gurukulam for Gurus – Gopal Krishna Gokhale

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A-Z Challenge – Fighting for Equality = Death

It's been nearly a year since human rights lawyer Salwa Bugaighis, a revolutionary leader for equal rights and political participation for women, and a key player in Libya's 2011 revolution, was assassinated. Every resolution in this world begins with the hope of something better than that is happening now. The past year, I did spent a great… Continue reading A-Z Challenge – Fighting for Equality = Death

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A-Z Challenge – Daring Dame

Durgabai Deshmukh (July 15, 1909 – May 9, 1981) was an Indian freedom fighter, lawyer, social worker and politician. India has given us women fighters who, unmindful of the hardships, entered the prisons for the freedom of this country. In the non-cooperation movement of 1922, a young girl of twelve years offered satyagraha at Kakinada. This young… Continue reading A-Z Challenge – Daring Dame

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A-Z Challenge – Chivalrous Chap

C - The great chivalrous chap - Chandra Shekhar Azad This man holds a great place among other freedom fighters. This man who was very close with Bhagat Singh involved in Kakori Train Robbery along with Ashfaqulla Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil, Bhagat Singh, Shukdev and Rajguru. He also participated in Saunders murder. The murder which… Continue reading A-Z Challenge – Chivalrous Chap