My Inspiration – Writing!

Everyone will have someone as their inspiration. I’ve so many in my life. Many people do things out of their own interest and they inspire others without their knowledge. They make others do things!

Jean Sasson

To me, Jean Sasson – the people person, the voice for Women of the Middle East. I happened to read her “PRINCESS” a few years ago… And, that is when I was introduced to Jean Sasson. The woman I wanted to be like. I was caught by her natural writing . However, as I learned what she had to endure, I really started to admire her more as a person than an author. Her courage on telling the world about the life behind the veil and the outrageous human rights abuses suffered by women in most of the Arab countries can’t be expressed in words… Not really by me..

Though I admire her bravery for revealing the truth of those women behind that richcloth of the Arab countries… The ineffable horror at the hands of the men of their countries, being faced with it on a daily basis, they have all prevailed and have inspired me. Especially the Princess of Saudi Arabia Sultana Al Sa’ud..

I started wondering really after reading all her books that what I had contributed to my society. And beyond doubt it was nothing… Worrying for others is entirely different from being in field and fight for them. The way Sultana fought to be free from the male dominance was expressed in Sasson’s writing in such a way that changed my life. One day I will find a way to contribute to their cause…

More than everything I inscribed here about Jean Sasson, she is definitely my inspiration for my writing. Only because of her I started to think and write about social issues and now a novel. Though unlike her I started writing a fictional novel, doubtlessly she is the one who made me write..!!!

What do you think about this?

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