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Out of World – NO Mobile

So friends.. My work week has started in such a bad state where I splashed some handful of water in my mobile.. I’m out of this whole world right now.. With no communication with my friends or family…

All the social media sites are restricted in my workplace.. so unless I reach my room, I can’t talk/text to anyone… Being without a mobile, SUCKS!

My dependence on devices is in some embarrassing level… I’m a person who looks for my mobile to find my mobile..  Once I didn’t have my phone in my pocket and I again searched my pocket, this time reaching for my phone in order to help find my phone. Shame washed over me as I realized the thought process I had just went through: “I don’t know where my phone is! I’ll just get my phone to help me find it.”

Now, I’m in similar situation.. this time, I didn’t lose my mobile.. but I washed it.. Right now, I am feeling uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone;  I could not check my calls/messages, that I’m freaking out;

I cannot think this as some wishful thing that happened to m, like everything has its own reasons blah blah blah…

Right now, I’m FREAKING out.. and I will get in touch with my friends.. this evening..through all the available social media networks…






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