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Sunshine, Roses and Storms

Already I’ve written about the little rays of sunshine. Now I’m gonna write about roses and storms.. may be little extra about my sunshine too…

So what’s this roses and storms? Roses are the friends I got here and storms – the problems! I wouldn’t say that I am so grateful for my life as it has all these people as my friends in Delhi. NO. But then I’m not sure that if I wouldn’t say that in the near future.

It’s funny to think that my team (only those who are close to me, not the whole team) has all their names starting with A and S. Amitha, Abhishek and Shuchi and there’s ME… Aruna 🙂 🙂

These people are the Angels in my work life. They’ve helped me and guided me in my work and personal stuff. I am  happy that there are few decent human beings in this world like my roses 🙂 🙂 🙂

Storms – huh.. the highest of it’s range, not in work place but personal life. Multiply 100 with my sunshine and with roses 😥  I’m wondering how life can be this cruel and ungrateful towards someone. Giving me sunshine and roses and also the storms.. But then life has it’s own reasons.

As for my storms –  haven’t figured a way to deal with it. For now, I’m avoiding it completely. IGNORING… which sucks btw. It’s eating me from inside.. as always I snap at people with whatever I have in my mind..

But for now, I’m gonna get suntan and enjoy with my roses… 🙂 🙂



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