New Girl in the City – Delhi

The day I decided to try my luck all over again in writing and relocate to Delhi, I was filled with all my dreams and hopes wrapped up all over again to start  over new.

The city, is not new to me,  nor am I to it. But fate had something else in store! All those misfortunes that happened right away I landed did shock me, and am yet to get over them. Even now, I get all shivers whenever I think of those days. But then life has to move on.. and I’ve moved on…

It’s a happy one for me.. for now.. Life has given so much to me now that I’m afraid what it’s gonna take back from me.. 😦 🙂 😦 😛

Life is different here. Everything happening around you is changing all the time. It is FAST. It’s an experience, staying in a new city and travelling around.. Travelling with thousands of people and not knowing even one..

In fact, the people I have met in the last 2 months were unknown to me all my life. From the security check police I met on my first train ride in Delhi Metro to the shuttle driver who drives me to my office everyday, from my room-mates to my extraordinary colleagues, from Vimal – the guy who was my buddy in my first day work (who proved to be real buddy, by helping me figure out everything about work), to my maid who is so sweet in preparing whatever I ask for, and never complaining about my stupidity of trying and talking in broken Hindi to her… all these people in the new world that I am in have taught me so much more than what meets the eye!


What do you think about this?

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