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Today’s Book Escape: Digital Fortress

DigitalFortressI personally found the book a little boring. Comparing to the other works of Mr. Brown, like the Da Vinci Code, this one, I found a little uninteresting. I’ve watched enough spy movies, and read enough books with the same type of storyline to say that this is one of the plain and may be stupidest one I’ve read. This book has the predictable happy ending, which kinda spoiled my mood and interest with this book.

This book, has this plain introduction of characters. And the story plot is also not THAT great. Also few story lines, like NSA hiring a civilian to do a job??? What the hell, Dan? And what’s this shit about code-breaking, virus and all those no-followup in the plot?

But the coding and cryptography is well penned, at least for me, who have no idea about even the basic cryptography…

If you wanna read the summary, please visit BookRags

It was overall an okay book.

What do you think about this?

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