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Life in Brothel – Defined Destiny

It was pitch black as I stumbled through Sonagachi, Kolkata’s notorious red-light district.. I was completely nervous when I get this chance to visit Sonagachi. I’d been told to hide my camera and mobile, not to speak (even with my friends who accompanied me) and not to make eye contact with anyone. (Those pimps, who is among those many people in the area might misunderstand your eye contact as you are willing to sell yourself) So BEWARE!

Eventually, guided by my friends from Apne Aap, I came to a dimly lit door which is in the middle of the street of Sonagachi. This is the branch office of Apne Aap. It is really nice to have an access to this area in a direct way through this office. We have been introduced to a girl who works there as prostitute. She was abducted from borders of Nepal at the age of 11.

Being sold at the mean age of 11 is something so common in the world of Sex Trafficking. Her life, she dreamt so colorful, where she always wanted to be a wonderful artist. But life has decided something brutal in her case. Instead of holding paint and brush, she was forced to hold men. Instead of embracing some paper and charts, she was forced to caress her children.

When we met her, her son has grown and was already attending grade 2 in Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission School. She wanted to have a dignified life, for her and her son. She was so enthusiastic while talking about her son and his studies. She felt so blissful for contacting Apne Aap for her son’s rescue. She didn’t want her son to end up in the Sex Trade.

Her trafficker kidnapped her from her hometown and sold her in Sonagachi. Her dramatically changed as soon as she arrived in Kolkata. She was taken to Sonagachi, where she was raped by a paedophile customer, while the brother owner helped the customer in tying her hands and legs in the bed. They tied her to restrain her from running away or least hurting the customer.

The rape resulted in her hospitalization for weeks together. She says, rape is common in Sex Trade. The brothel owners use rape to break the girls. These poor girls accept their future in the trade, just to stop the torture of rapes. Usually, these girls are held in a cage without providing any food or water after the rape torture. The cage is usually hidden in the ceiling of that brothel house. This ceiling will have a small, open trap door.

These ceilings holds all the torturous, sad and broken stories of many young and innocent lives. Just to come out of this cage, there were many girls who have said yes to this flesh trade. The cage accompanied with NO food or water has so many insects left to hurt those who are trapped here. This pain is something which cannot be imaginable and which needs more than just words to express…

I watched thousands of men visiting Sonagachi- they say they are looking for pleasure, inflict pain and seek revenge. The pain and revenge is meant for someone else but forced on these poor people. This red light area is not a place for pleasure, pain or revenge, but a place of DEATH.

Why are these people paying to rape someone?

****The views expressed in this article is my own view and if you wanna fight with me against this, better be ready with valid facts… 


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