5 Things to do before I turn 30!

Now that I’m turning 30 in next few years, I wanted to have a checklist to achieve before my 30th birthday…. When we’re younger we dream of all the things we’ll do before we turn 30 and we realize we’ve turned, we might have so much to cross off that list. I don’t want to end up being sorry for myself for not doing what I dreamt. So here I’m hoping to inspire myself with my Top Awesome Things to Do Before I Turn 30… I’ve a huge list of To-Do’s but these are the TOP ones I SHOULD achieve!

  1. Travel Abroad – This is an obsession so many people have. Few for career and few for family. But my case is for TRAVEL. The wanderlust I’ve is not letting me stay in a place and I feel the whole world as home and no-where specifically for me to settle. So, as much as possible, I wanna travel. I will travel until I die, but before turning 30 I’ve to visit at least one abroad destination – I’ve Northern Lights as to see in my list. Let’s hope. When Ranbir travelled to places in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, I was happy for him as if he was my friend. So it’s on top of my list
  2. Buy a Home – As much as I love travelling, I love settling my family without any issues. Especially my Mom. Since dad is no more, it’s my responsibility to take care of her and I’ve to buy her a home (will do at least by applying Home Loan). Owning own home means that I can paint the walls, remodel the bathroom and have enough space for my library!
  3. Fly a Bird – Confused? I always so wanted to be a PILOT, from childhood. Commercial Pilot can’t be achieved and now, I’ve to come down as I wanna be a Pilot atleast for few hours. Planning to visit places where they’ll let us fly for few hours
  4. Own Renault Duster – As crazy for books, I’m so crazy for this car. People dream to own an Audi or BMW or such expensive vehicles. But I settle for Duster. I’ve had this passion to ride and own one for such a long time!
  5. Take a How to class– I always wanted to find a new hobby and take how to classes I can learn from before I turn 30. The list for this goes on: a new language, Ballet and Kathak Dance and Skating.

The big list follows soon…


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