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This world needs INSPIRATION!

Inspiration – Something, without which the world wouldn’t be alive. Something, without which the living beings wouldn’t be in this universe. This world aches for inspiration in everything.

As I left the IT concern I worked for, I felt anxious and scared. I knew that I didn’t belong there. I knew that I need a place to satisfy my thirst of self-esteem. I knew I had to do something towards that.. When I felt, I didn’t fit there, I RESIGNED. Whatever happened after – let this stay a history 🙂

Up until few months before that incident, I thought I completely fit there. But then, I met a friend of mine who taught me that I don’t fit there. Not just one friend actually. These friends of mine A, M, N, S, T, V, W always asks me to move on from there.. They always wanted to see me in a place where I can enjoy. They wanted me to explore my dreams and pursue my wishes.

And here I’m. Pursuing them.. Taking baby steps towards achieving them. Crawling, Walking, Running and Crawling again, I’m doing everything that can take me to the final step of my dream. The dream of being an AUTHOR.

Few of my friends and ex-colleagues didn’t understand what I am going through. They couldn’t understand what or why I’m doing what I am doing. They couldn’t understand as they couldn’t relate this to their life. I felt misunderstood and very lonely.

But at the same time I am happier than I had been in a very long time. I’m truly satisfied and felt more inspired. It’s obvious that we need money in this world to have a normal life. But the sense of self understanding and self happiness paves way of earning more money. We need a self satisfaction in all we do. We’ve to do something that truly inspires us and make us fall in love with it every moment we do.

I believe I had something special to be done in this world of writing; I had to do something to help people, help this society. I had to do something strong enough to make the world understand what’s really happening in an unknown world.

Until then, I made quite okay money with a lifestyle of travel, trainings and meetings (both interesting and boring), late night assignments, mid-night training sessions, last minute conferences, non-creative people and their stupid comments and much more… It was my job to look over the manuals, scripts, articles, training needs, training sessions and proposals. I felt, there’s no further for me in that office, when my wings were cut. I felt like a bird caged after losing the wings.

So finally I took the step. One fine morning, I just sent an email to my boss that I had decided to quit. I dunno what his reactions might be or what he must have thought. But I was lucky enough as I wasn’t forced to serve the notice period. I was asked to leave immediately after 4 days of my resignation.

To tell you that everything was just fine and better from that day onwards would be a huge exaggeration. Actually, it was often quite the opposite. I had to face so many issues. I had some dark periods which made me question my choice. I have wondered whether I took a wrong step. But I knew deep down in my heart that whatever the choice I made, makes me happy. I much needed a break. A break to understand everything, everyone and particularly I needed a very much ME time.

I might not yet succeeded in my dream. I might not yet achieved the level of advising anyone to take risks towards their dreams. But I’ve realized that ‘following one’s heart’ will never fail anyone. I’ve found the balance between life and dream.

I, now know what happens when we take a risk. I, now know when will things start coming together. I’m deeply indebted but I know for sure that I will make loads of money and will pay off all my debts.

There are people who sacrifices their dreams for the family responsibilities. I was one among them so far. I never had the courage to take that deep step towards pursuing my dream. But my friends made me realize who I’m and why I should work on the dream.

And here I’m, writing about the big step I took to achieve my DREAM.

I’ve crossed half way now and I’ve a choice of going back. But NO, I will walk towards achieving. Whether it’s success or failure that awaits for me, matters no more. I will live with the sense that I did something that I loved.

I needed that INSPIRATION to dream the dream and work the dream. I got that from my friends.

Moreover, if you find yourself in a wrong place, or you’re uncertain of what you’re doing, or feeling lost, consider that as an alarm. Because feeling lost means that you’re meant for something more, if not, at least, meant for something else.

So if you’re feeling lost like me, keep walking. Everyone who is lost should keep wandering because all who wanders never gets lost and they find out what they want, who they wanna be and achieves!

This world needs INSPIRATION and you are the one, if you follow your deepest dreams!


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