Cheers to 10 years of friendship!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come. All of us are travelling in an entirely different boats. Some already settled by choosing family, some working somewhere (for few it doesn’t make sense), some like Bena ( 😛 sorry) struggling with kids, some are residing abroad already. Though leading different path, when I think of people to want to hang out with or for just a simple chat; they are the first group of people who comes into my mind. Friends from my school. The whole batch is like a dream now. The dream, I would if at any chance, make it happen again.

The same school, the same class, the same fun.. NO STUDIES though!

And we’ve crossed 10 years of our friendship. That’s whole lot heap amount of years right? A decade? Whoa! (See, I’ve used all the words – whole, lot, heap haha)

Thinking of that, all I want now is to write about this Friend-iversary! When people can celebrate anniversaries for so many stuffs, why don’t we for our friendship.. that too the one that has sustained a decade?

It’s really cute to think and know that I’ve the wonderful friends with whom I’ve shared so much and yet to share… These friends have seen in my best and worst.. 

They have seen me so ugly, while crying my lungs out.. They have seen me during my periods where I hate this whole world and been so melodramatic.. They have seen me in my hideous style and also been through with me when I was stinking yucky after the long hours of playing and fighting in the cycle stand and play grounds.. They have known my dark secrets of being possessive and my fears… They have seen my stupid scores and known my envy towards high marks… They have seen me being punished and joined me in the fun.. They have shared their food, fun, smile and so much..

The “Last Benchers” we – have rocked our schooling. Though we were together just for 2 years, we’ve made everyone who tried controlling us as they are dealing with us for decades! Kudos to that friendship now..

Love to Ani, Bena, Judy, Muni, Nazi, Reva, Riz, Shah, Sri, Swati, Yami and Yazhi.. I love you guys!

It’s been more than 7 years since I’ve met few.. I remember meeting them in one of my friend’s wedding.. After that, just seeing them through pictures they share and hearing their words through messages. But still there is a bond which cannot be explained in words…

As the 2015 is nearing its end, I wish 2016 bring more happiness and blissfulness to everyone.. As the New Year f 2016 blossoms, I would like to say, I love you guys! 😀 Cheers to more decades of friendship! And yeah, I would like to meet each and everyone of you guys! xoxo




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