Renovation & Rejuvenation: Temple Kumbabhishegam

The temple consecration is called the kumbhabhishekam. Literally, this formidable term means the “sprinkling” (abhishekam) of the temple with sacred water carried in a “water-pot” (kumbha).  This is the very important ritual for a newly built temple and also this happens once every 12 years, and it is a beautiful time to see the temple would have been newly painted and cleaned…

The first rite in the series is the honoring of Ganesha, the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles.

Along with the offerings of words, offerings of grain, flowers, spices, clothes, honey, and many other substances are poured forth. All are fed into the sacred flames along with ghee.

At the conclusion of the rites, priests will circle the temple in festival procession bearing the largest of the kumbha pots on their heads. Hoisted to the temple roof, they sprinkle the waters of consecration over the Goburas & after that they will sprinkle the water on the devotees assembled..

So enough of the introduction to the Kumbhabhishegam.. Now, I attended this ritual yesterday in a temple nearby to where I live.. The temple is Shri Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple.

It is built in 1984. Built with the donations the people around the area provided, this temple has been developed a lot from the day 1. It is believed that if a person lit a lamp and does “pradakshina”  (walking clock-wise around the temple), it will make that person’s wish come true.

This temple houses Kedhadheswar, Gowri Amman, Dhatchinamoorthy, Durgai Amman and Hanuman…

Yesterday (Nov 29, 2015) was the Kumbabhishegam for this temple.. Few pictures from the function..

I happened to click only Durgai Amman.. I will visit the temple somtime soon and will click the rest of the God pictures.. We will have a photo blog on the temple soon…




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