Art of my Book Making

Usually poems and ideas stem from a single thought. It might be either what if or why not this? To me, book writing idea was born when I met Aaliya in Kolkata. Until then, I never had the courage even to showcase my poems on my own. My showcasing scenario was always 1:10.

I was afraid of rejection and failures. So now, I wonder myself at times about what gave the courage for me to write my own book. And I found the answer:

The state of helplessness and the pain I endured during all those visits to the Sex Trade Areas left a deep and everlasting wound in my heart. This wound, the tragic events, painful moments revitalized my thoughts and encouraged me to pen a book.

Typically I took a lot of time in thinking. It seems that I thought about this book for a year or so before I actually started writing. In this thinking stage, I often write a few key points in my “ideas” notebook. I often mark words here and there for me to frame a sentence. Each sentence in the book is framed with a single word’s idea. Those ideas are here for you 🙂

Thoughts and Ideas


Later on, I took a long interval in framing those ideas as a complete bouquet. Finally I’m done with the outline for all the chapters.. & the whole script for few chapters…

I’m so excited to be back in form with writing as this makes me feel good. Now there are so many stuff that encourages me to write which includes Friendship, Tea, Chocolates and few one liners..

“Writing anything is better than not writing something perfect.”

“Writing is my passion: I need to write as much as I breathe.”

“Don’t be ashamed of your story. IT WILL inspire others.”


What do you think about this?

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