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Eat this Story: The Italian’s Forced Bride

One of the greatest Romance Book I have ever read.. For sure I was moved by this book. With so passionate, few parts gave tears while reading … So stunning love of Dom and Alice, which made me to complete the book in a single stretch … A captivating novel that will transport readers back to Dom and Alice’s world..

Domenico Parrisi and Alice have been together for months, had a great time together.. They enjoy each and every second of their time..

“You don’t fall in love with Dom” was the continuous slogan Alice used to tell herself but alas! it was too late now since she fell for him. But she understood that Domenico will not give her love back.  One fine evening, she overhears a gossip about Domenico having a mistress. On hearing the gossip, she flew back to England.. Back to England, she carries on with her life for six months and life there played a trick in her life.. She came to know she was carrying Dom’s child. She felt that Dom has the right to know about the child and so she writes a letter to Dom asking him to come to her.

Upon Dom’s arrival in England, both realize that they are cheating themselves that they can stay apart from each other. They feel the fire of the ravenous romance between them. The next day when Alice woke up, Dom insists her to tell him the truth why she left him on the first place. She had told him that she no more finds pleasure and fun in her relationship with him before leaving. But Dom now feels after that togetherness that she was lying to him.

The emotions of Alice while Dom interrogate her will be explained in an whoa manner … I wish we should congratulate Ms. Kate Walker for bringing these emotions in words. Alice reveals that she knew about the other woman “Pippa Marinelli” and when Dom hears the name he was shocked completely. But still he will let her know that Pippa was not his mistress. Alice was happy on hearing this. Alice demands for marrying him, but he will say NO for that since he says he will not do marriages. During this serious conversation, when Alice asks Dom to leave the house Dom notices an appointment letter to a doctor. He was shocked to see the word “Antenatal Clinic”. Domenico leaves the house immediately.

The next day, Dom demands marriage and takes Alice back with him to Italy. He reveals the wish to grow his child with him. Alice accepts and the day before their marriage, Alice faces a tragedy of miscarriage. Once again Pippa crosses her life in a form of email. Alice demands the reason and when the reason was revealed Alice was too touched..

All I can say is that there are scenes which will take your breath away, secrets and tragedy and in the end a love so sweet and tender it will leave you laughing and crying at the same time… 🙂 🙂 🙂 The book to be enjoyed a lot !!!


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