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Hypocrisy and Métier

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So, ever wondered how this two can combine? I’ll tell you.. Before proceeding, this isn’t something that of a happy post. So if you need some happy ending, please STOP right here. If you would like to share my pain and tell me on changing to being happy, please go ahead 🙂 🙂 I appreciate that!

I was in a thought that I would never fake my happiness with my job.. Believe me, I have never.. I’ve worked for like 9 years and never once I have faked the happiness. Whatever it is, I used to say that openly. Say for, if I don’t have any assignments I’ve called my reporting manager (he is my boss too) and would ask him to assign tasks for me, if I wasn’t happy with the way something in office, I have told the person directly that he/ she isn’t making me comfortable with the way they are.. If I’m hurt because of someone, I have told straight to their face that they have hurt me.. I was pretty much so open-minded SO FAR…

Now, something has changed and I dunno what the hell I’m doing.. It seems like a new Aruna has born and I don’t know how to deal with her, honestly! I’m getting all moody at work and that too for no reason and at times, for some stupid silly matters. I’m faking my happiness and content with the work. I used to take time ti finish my assignments, so that it will be entirely my work. I used to re-work until I’m satisfied. I will give for review only if I’m satisfied but recently I’m not doing that… I’m not being so happy with myself and the quality of my assignments. I guess this feeling will worn out soon.. Keeping my fingers crossed for that…

Does this mean that the new changeover with my work isn’t working as I planned (I changed my domain from Project Management/ Human Resources to Content Writing) I’m just sooooooooo confused…

I’m getting hurt often, like for all silly things. I feel like I’m being pricked often with my emotions.. Whatever people do, I guess I doubt them that they have some motive behind that action.. It’s RUDE right? Yeah, I know. But I’ve gone crazily mad, I guess.

My Ain’t No Care policy has long gone somewhere. I have to dust that from the hidden heart and should give it a fresh start… Else seriously, I will die of this sudden temper and mood swings.

I always wanna be a cool Aruna who smiles always and be a lovely girl to everyone..

Any suggestions guys? Really would use them to calm myself and would like to give a new birth!


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