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Kolorful Palette: K Series- Oh, My Lady

Oh My LadyIt’s romantic comedy, it’s not exactly comedy, but have it as cuteness.  It’s a little  slow, not that amazing and it is easily predictable.. Still it is so cute and awesome with the cast.

It is not about the usual K-Drama, school/ college love.. Its a little grown up story..

The male lead is a famous actor in Korea and he’ll find out that he has a child who is 5 years old. He will be left with the kid all of sudden. This comes as a whole shock for him. This scandal will be a career killer in Korea. In fact, marriage can be a career sinker in Korea. So he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to accept this child in the first place.

The career killer dream…

The main female lead is divorced.  She enters in the male lea’s life as Housekeeper. She is the one who brings this child in to his life without knowing that the kid is his daughter. She, in a stage finds the truth through DNA test (her friend is a doc who helps out). She threatens the male lead to join a musical show with this truth.

oh my lady staring

In a stage the scandal breaks out and Min Woo didn’t know what to do or how to handle. He does all mistakes while trying to protect the star image he and his company has built for him… I really liked the way the little crises and scandal after scandal that rock our star’s world are dragged out after all.

He’ll accept that he and the ajhumma is seeing each other and after few episodes, hell breaksout. He will open up that the child is his daughter in a shopping complex. The child went missing and he’ll get all shocked and he will reveal to the mall manager and will ask him to search her. (They’ll find out) The finding scene was something I loved really… The kid will be holding the hand of Min Woo’s cutout placed in the shopping mall.

After this scandal, he looses his image and also all the chances he has signed so far.. How to recovers from all the scandal issues will make us go awe.. He learns from his mistake and recovers step by step.. See, this isn’t a night over change.. It progresses in a slow manner…

One of my love with K-dramas is usually the way they handle disabilities and mental illness.  They don’t portray in a negative sense…

I liked this.  It’s little slow at times, but I think it’s wonderful…


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