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Eat this Story: A voice for the Middle Eastern

Yasmeena’s Choice A True Story of War, Rape, Courage and Survival: Yasmeena’s choice is the true account of war, rape and survival of women kidnapped for soldiers’ lust and inhumanity, it makes the story even more horrific for the readers.

This is the true story of Yasmeena, a bright and beautiful young Lebanese woman who was imprisoned in Kuwait during the first Gulf War. This is an honest book. Yasmeena was a flight attendant at that time. Her life started to be horrific, when her flight out of Kuwait was delayed. That was the time, when Saddam Hussein just invaded Kuwait. Iraqi soldiers threw her into a woman’s prison where the guards committed ghastly sexual attacks and tortured the women in excruciating ways

The emotional level handled in this book is really hard to read, especially when you come to know the degradation the girls were felt. Jean has a way with words. Though she has penned how brutally the girls were handled, she didn’t go for detail to express the brutality in words. 

For sure, when you finish the book, Yasmeena will be in your mind and make you wonder where she is now and what she will be doing… (I had this and sometimes I think about her often)

PS: I read this book long back (should be 3 years back) … Moving forward I’m planning to write about all the books I’ve read so far 🙂 🙂  

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