Eat this Story: Interpreter of Maladies – Story 1

436737853_640“A Temporary Matter” – Story about a married couple, leading life under one roof can’t really get along as they unable to be together after the loss of their baby. They were leading their life as if they were staying in some hotel.

Shoba and Shukumar – Wonderful pair until the death of their baby.. Shoba takes care of everything and plans everything ahead. Like storing food and preparing herself for future emergencies & so. But she starts falling off when her child dies. She puts more and more time in staying out in her work. She stopped taking care of household chores. Shukumar, who is a scholar, stays indoor after this incident. He doesn’t want to leave home at all. He prepares his research paper staying home and doing everything for Shoba. Preparing food for her and so…

One day they receive a mail stating that there will be power shutdown for a week during night hours. During the first day of darkness, they both start playing a game game (think “Truth or Dare” without the “Dare”). Shukumar thinks the game is making them closer, more intimate as a couple. Shoba surprises Shukumar by letting him know that she let him talk to his department chairman with a food particle in his chin. Shukumar confess to her saying that he exchanged a sweater she presented on their anniversary and got drunk. All these confessions made them little closer is what Shukumar thought until that last day of the power shutdown came. Shoba surprises Shukumar and tells him that she’s leaving him. Shukumar, in response, reveals something incredibly cruel to Shoba about their stillborn child. They cry together about their lost baby and lost marriage.

A sad ending, which makes us look forward for more in the book…

I must thank my dear friend Ahalya for sending me such a nice book. Now I started looking forward for more books from Jhumpa Lahiri…

Thanks, friend… for taking time…I’m so crazy excited and ready for the upcoming days!!! Travel with me…


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