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Do you know: rape by 2 men is NOT a GANG RAPE???

Yes… 2 men raping a woman cannot be considered as gang rape.. We need at least 3 or more men to rape, which can  be considered as gang rape… I’m completely, what am I feeling? How to put in words??? Oh.. I’m running out of words.. All the world’s swear words won’t be enough for me now…

So, who said this and why???

Karnataka Home Minister KJ George, (note down, Home Minister) said these wonderful words… Why? George was speaking about the recent rape of a BPO employee in Bengaluru. Police have arrested two men for allegedly raping the 22-year-old woman in a moving mini bus.

Since just 2 men has been involved in the rape, this cannot be considered as gang rape…

This is another Nirbhaya case.. There are so many Nirbhayas going unnoticed each day..

Education in India is just for earning money, not for developing common sense nor for enlightening and enriching the minds of human being.

When a Minister of an IT state can publicly express such a view, how come we can expect people to be responsible?? Well, no one from the ruling government or from the opposition have till reacted on his comment. And here we are as if we’ve achieved everything, talking about Digital India and stuff. I think we have missed to define rape and gang-rape. I hope someone from ruling party should define this and have session on educating the Ministers on the same.

Well, whatever is happening, you woman, you are NOT SAFE. here nor there. You are NOT SAFE in THIS UNIVERSE.

Get your ass and protect yourself….


What do you think about this?

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