Being in IT field as Content Writer, I started realizing that this is one job where almost always you’ll be neglected. Though your work that is your content plays major role, the recognition will be ZERO at times. Be it monetary or just work of appreciation.. I mean you will be writing struggling your ass of, but then you’ll be that last person to know about a particular process/ team change. You really don’t have to be known/ involved in that until your time comes to deliver a word about that.. Right??!

At times, I used to feel soooooooo down (read it with all that oo sound) but then I always feel up with words from my trainee.. “Be ASSERTIVE mam”.. It’s funny at times to think that our next generation walk us through right?? This dude, to whom I took session about Assertiveness, teaches me the same whenever he sees me being down.. But I should thank him for that… because of whom I re-energize myself and bring me back together..after few hard times…

The journey towards content writing was complex & I’m still learning to share the stage with someone else… I dunno whether I will but I’ve learnt to be assertive… Thanks Buddy!

Now, I’m looking forward for my days.. No.. I stopped expecting appreciation or recognition.. 🙂 🙂


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