Good Byes are never easy…

Sometimes, I write very personal notes here.. Those which are meant to stay with me forever.. I write them here, so that I can re-live those moments whenever I want and I can with you all…

If you know me well enough, then you know that FRIENDS play a huge role in my life. For people, family comes first but for me, its always friends. I take them over family.. At times, I don’t expect them to pay the love I give them.. They might not understand the value I have for them in my heart… But I keep showering my love to them in all the forms I think that will work…

So coming back to “Good Byes are never easy” – my friend is starting a new life.. A new a new friends.. Yesterday was his last day with us.. He started his new journey this morning.. All I hope is, this dawn will give him new hopes, new success, new growth and the best life..

My dear friend, our paths in life has divided..We’re going in a different ways.. Let these ways lead us to achieve our aim..

I wish this different path will give my friend a way to be more victorious and have all the fame..

I strongly believe that we are bound with beliefs, faiths, love and values which make a very strong quilt that keeps us together. And here, the love that this friendship holds is special. Always it is nice to gather heartfelt thoughts and arrange them in a special way… This will bring a smile in everyone’s face..

And here I’ve gathered the best farewell biding pictures for you to live in our life for few minutes and for me and my friends to relive whenever we wish… 🙂 🙂 🙂



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