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Monday – Drive through Stress and Sufferings

Source: Google Image
Source: Google Image

Monday was supremely tiring..extremely tiring. I thought to start my day with all extra power and energy, which I lost just with the sight at the emails I had to read…at work… I had some double digit emails pending to be read…

But still this too has to pass on and I finished reading all the email and took the necessary steps to complete the tasks related to those emails… Let this sadness pass on.. I will give you some happy moments and those moments I’m thankful for…

Five things I am thankful for at the moment –

– The absolutely fun Sunday I had with a friend of mine.. We both went out for lunch and then for a movie.. Though I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the company the more 🙂 Love you buddy…

– And the midnight hour I was typing this.. For some reason, I love the midnight hour where no one will be there to bother me with their looks or talk (except my mother) than any other time of the day

– The abundance of chocolate in the home. I had little too much of chocolates. If you know me well, then you know am crazy for chocolates. Then again, I will be in two minds, if there is a chocolate, I’ve to eat it & also I will worry about calories and weight gain. But my craving for chocolate wins always and I end up enjoying them

– The pile of books I’ve at home.. I’m reading “The Girl on a Train” & “Pilot’s Wife” 🙂 Both are going great and am enjoying them

– Finally, Monday is over, and that means things can only get better from here

Now to gear up and live through the rest of the week, which is also sad thing… I’ve to wait 4 more days for weekend.. This is a long weekend for me.. Saturday too off .. Heyyyyy hurrahhh!!!!


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