Possessiveness and Pyaar …

Friendship, at times can bring us some beautiful awkward moments.. We cherish each and every moment we spend with friends… But there comes a time, where all we would like to do is to forget that awkward moment we had with our friend… All because of our stupid statement, decision or thoughts…And this will happen just because we being possessive in our relationship… I always feel threatened by losing my loved ones.. my best friends…. Whatever be the case, possessiveness can ruin relationships, especially friendship.. Though I understand this, I’m unable to control my possessiveness over friends..


Its natural to feel possessive about the people we care about, we all fear losing the ones we love. But aren’t we supposed to understand that we cannot force anyone?? Should we really complicate things?

I know that I cannot control my friend from making friends or looking out for a partner. But then, I’m feeling fearful of losing that friend and making life complicate for both of us. I can feel my friend pretend he doesn’t care about others but on the inside, afraid whether he might start resenting me…

So I’ve to learn to let go a little.. But then, I’m getting hurt. Though he never hurts me, I’m hurt just by seeing him talking to his love.. Stupid, I’m huh??

It looks like I need to show more love, care and less possessiveness 🙂 .

So my dear friend, tell me have you been possessive?? How did you come out of that drug???


What do you think about this?

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