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A limelight: Vendhu Thanindha Kaadugal – A Book

I’ve heard people say that Mr. Indira Parthasarathy is a great novelist and playwright. “Vendhu Thanidha Kaadugal” is the first book I happened to read among his other collections. I don’t deny the fact that he is a great author. His style is so simple. The flow of the story is provided in basic terms, which I wonder how he was able to maintain throughout the story.

But I couldn’t understand the climax.. I completed the book at 2:00 AM and still wondering what the climax message is..

Vendhu Thanindha Kaadugal

Here is the plot:

Vimmi (the protagonist) is the wife of a well-settled rich guy. Based in Delhi, she was married to Arun. Arun started to love her the moment he set his eyes on her. And throughout the 6 years, his love has never changed…

I was drawn towards Vimmi’s character in the beginning as the character sounded exactly like mine.. That’s she’ll be suffering in identifying herself. She’ll be leading a life which she never liked. It is, she will be wearing a mask all the time – the mask – which she never have removed. The mask, which she cannot remove, without breaking Arun’s heart.

Vimmi liked a simple life, where she can enjoy the early morning sun rays, the dew drops and so.. But the life she’s with Arun was something that demands constant lookout for others’ opinions, fake smile and hi-fi party cultured life. Though she never liked that life, she wore mask for Arun’s sake. And she maintained that mask all the time.This is the mask, which Arun is so proud of. He always boasts about his wife, saying she is unique with her simplicity. He never guessed, even for once that she might be hiding her true face, the face which wants to run away from this social life.

While analyzing Vimmi’s character, we are introduced to Radhika, who plays a major role in Vimmi’s life in the later parts. Rathika is Arun’s employee who is next grade to Arun. Rathika is societal bird, who knows how to roll the ball to get things done. Though she never lets anyone to misbehave nor does she, she has influence over people.

I was impressed the way the author has expressed the feelings of men while describing Rathika’s character. Arun wants Rathika to get his business, to the smooth flow of his work, to his success but he never wants his wife to be so. Haha! Should I say this is the male chauvinist society which Arun believes in? He respects his wife, loves her, adores her.. But all he wants from her was to be there for him when he gets home, cooks for him, sleeps with him when he asks for and takes care of him (this is what a perfect housewife should do is his idea)

The whole book is written with so many squabbles among the human feelings. The squabbles with counter convo gave me a new insight of life. Though the freedom can be enjoyed, there are certain limits for women to be allowed with that freedom. When she breaks free of that limit, it shatters her whole life, along with the others who are tied to her with a bond – family and friendship.

Here, broke the limit, Rathika’s family is shattered – her husband will leave her and their 14 yrs old son, Rahul. He doubts whether he is the biological father for Rahul. Trying to find her place, Nimmi’s life is shattered, as Arun thinks, Nimmi slept with a guy (whom she met & adores for his paintings). Not only these two women are affeted, but also Arun and Rahul.

The artist guy, Dhamodaran is a person with Kyphosis (hunchback). He has an inferiority complex about his physical appearance and tries to forget that complex with his paintings. Dhamodaran’s interference in Vimmi’s life separates Vimmi nad Arun. Vimmi comes to live with Dhamodaran while Arun and Rathika starts living together.

One day, Vimmi will be approached by Dhamodaran to sleep with him and when she rejects, he will be irritated thinkin she is rejecting him for his appearance. From that moment, he starts showing different face to her while in public and while alone. Though she can understand, she never left his place as he helped her in identifying her soul.

Author made sure that everyone of his character has a problem and argues with that situation with the other person; dialogues were simple and powerful.

End of the Story: Rahul becomes drug addict, who is rescued by his principal. Unable to live in Rathika’s support, he leaves her and will accept staying in his principal’s home. Though Arun realizes he did a mistake by leaving Vimmi, he never accepts that. Dhamodaran kills himself as he was rejected once again by Vimmi and Vimmi calls Arun to help her. Rathika comes for rescue and Vimmi faints.

BEGINNING & ENDING of the story – The passage

What’s this place?

Desert? Sand can be seen everywhere … Why can’t this be pebbles? Some guy told he is collecting pebbles… But how’s that possible? Pebbles can be found only in seashore.. This isn’t seashore… Desert.. Dune.. The desert sand is shining in the light rays.

Who are these people? Unknown faces without any difference among the faces.. Working as though they’re afraid of something unseen..

What are they doing?

My God! Even I’m doing the same… I make a bundle of sand.. Pack it.. Remove the lock.. Disembogue it in the desert and again pack the bundle with sand.. I keep repeating along with others! Afraid of the unseen whip…


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