Pile of Books

I have pile of books all over my house. So wondering what’s special? The thing is they are asking me to touch them and feel them by reading them.. I can feel them crying since I’ve left them untouched for few days…

I feel it’s been so long since I spent time in exploring them… Someday I wish to clear the piles and replace them with new ones… I don’t think I will be satisfied with books.. No never..

So here I would like to present you with the current piles of books I’ve.. (which I have to read)

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

I started wondering, when was the last time I ever took a book out of my shelf.. It started getting dusty… First thing in the morning – dust them 🙂 Also a pile of e-books are waiting

ebboks2 ebooks

It looks like my books need a little more love and care from me 🙂 .

So my dear friend, tell me what are the books you’ve in your pile to be read??


What do you think about this?

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