So worried about being Judged …

Those who are blogging might understand this… There’s something about blogging and social media.. I mean, sharing our personal opinions and thoughts makes us vulnerable.. I know I feel so vulnerable whenever I share something, and I feel great deal of pleasure and relieved when people accepts that..

I don’t understand one thing though.. Why should I care whether others accept my thoughts or not? Why is it, I judge myself with other’s acceptance?  Shouldn’t I be confident in my own beliefs, attitudes, and values?

And yet, I’m always worried.. constantly to be precise.. before sharing my thoughts and ideas…

I try telling myself that my thoughts are mine and they belong to ME, MY BLOG and MY social media pages.. Yet I worry of offending others with what I share… Though we have freedom of speech in our country, we are not ready to accept others point of view in most cases.. We are not ready to talk about few stuff.. we feel people might not accept us in their circle if we discuss stuff… At times, I’m also cornered with these threats and am worried.. It is nearly driving me crazy.  And it causes me to hold myself …

This is something I do which is affecting my dignity.. I’m not being true to myself.. For one reason or another, someone will find a reason to project their insecurities, their negativity, and their fears onto me and my life, and I have to deal with it. Right???

When I started writing, it was my own fears about what others would think if I wrote about the things I cared about, prevented me from writing, or least sharing them publicly. I wrote my ideas in a private document for years before I worked up the courage to start sharing them publicly.

On one hand, I believed in myself…  I knew that I wanted to contribute something to the world around me. And I knew words came to me better… But on the other hand, I was scared that people wouldn’t approve of my work and would criticize me when I started sharing the things I cared about or believed.. Eventually I decided to contribute.. live in my world with words… Though I’ve that constant fear of being judged, I’m nourishing my world and living it with content…

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I’m living with two ME…




 Now, tell me do all of you deal with the vulnerability that comes with sharing your thoughts?


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