Our Own World: Away from family

Okay.. Have you ever experienced living life the way you wanted to live it?Living away from family and leading a life on your own terms? A life, where you will have the freedom for everything, a journey of self discovery and the chance to complete everything on your bucket list?? But it’s pity for most of us as these all are possible only when we live alone.. away from family… This is why I would say that people have to experience this at least once in their life..

Source: Google
Source: Google

Even though I loved the part where I didn’t have to wear pants, I certainly didn’t like to take the incharge of everything that is locking doors every other night, refrigerating things before it gets spoiled, cleaning my mess and so.. But then everything in life has its pros and cons…

Relax… Moving away is the best thing that can happen … I’ll tell you my reasons and what I enjoyed and learnt while I was away…

  1. I understood my personality.. We might think we know ourselves.. But the truth is only when we start living our life in our own terms will we come to know everything about us.. Until then we would have had everyone guiding and suggesting our life. I understood my own personality.. I understood my taste in terms of books, music, clothes and so
  2. I became more independent. This doesn’t mean I was dependent before.. I started being independent the moment I was left in hostel, way back when I was in 6th grade.. But that life is something we have to depend on parents for something.. When my dad passed away I was 99% independent.. But the moment I started living away from family, I became 100% independent in everything
  3. I understood the difference between being alone and lonely.. For some reason, I’ve always felt like being lonely, when I was alone. Only later I understood both are different. I started loving myself and understood the difference
  4. I experienced the wild, independent & crazy life.. Haha, imagine a life where you can go with endless dates and enjoy a pub or party until dawn! Cool huh? I went for a live music pub with friends and enjoyed there a lot. Came home only at 3AM. I didn’t have anyone to tamper me with questions. Also whenever I feel like travelling, I made plans for a short/ long trips and went on
  5. I wore whatever I wished for.. No one was there to judge me with my clothes
  6. All time was mine. I never worried about getting up early and do dishes or help others with their work. I woke up (at times slept throughout) whenever I wanted to get out of bed..
  7. Friends came over any time..  The best part of being away from family, is we can invite our friends any time. I had a friend who visited me after 11 PM and we were chatting in the streets for hours… 🙂
  8. This experience definitely made me better in dealing with people. Not sure whether this alone life or my job made me better in dealing with people. But am sure that either or both gave me lessons on how to deal with people. What to talk and with whom to and how to
  9. Endless Privacy… Another best part for me. I never worried how I looked (inside the walls and outside) I went on a week’s trip just with a handbag and 3 set clothes. I had no one to bother me and I was on the phone for hours, drank as I wished, eat when I felt I’ve to, partied till five in the morning and no one was there to bug me
  10. When I had more privacy, I had more time to think of life and what I want to be
  11. No more compromising on what to watch on TV! I embraced myself with my favorite show as a marathon
  12. Half of my food spoiled and then I had to repeat the same food for all meals
  13. I always forget to buy groceries, where ended up eating nothing or something left over
  14. I went on days without social interaction.. Just me and my laptop.. And I befriended a tree near my home.. I was living in a top floor where I had open terrace.. I used to stand there and talk to that tree without noticing the time

Living away from family and being alone is the best thing ever. It comes with its share of problems, but then the positives over-weighs the negatives. It is something awesome which no one should miss…

So, tell me what you felt and the benefits you feel of being alone?

Thanks, friend….I’m so crazy excited and ready for the upcoming days!!! Travel with me…


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