Vandalized Innocence – Part 2

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

As the clock strikes five every evening, they get down to business.Plain-clothed men awaits their client. And these men will be picked up by women & at times, they have to amuse and enthral other men who looks for cheap sex. These men lead a cloak-and-dagger life where they have to satisfy the needs of all sexes and where they have no choice over whom they choose to make love. This is fate of few men in in India and globally.

Don’t expect them to stand alone in some deserted area and wait for client.. No, as shown in few movies, they are among us.. They are using Parks, Beaches, Metro Stations, Markets as their sex trade hub.. And these men can be found in various looks like gigolos, massage experts, escorts, bathhouse artisan, and various based on their economic and educational backgrounds.

Most of these people are trafficked or lured with false promises from rural parts of India. At times, kids of age 5-6 are kidnapped by pedophiles.

Then there is this group of men who joins this group as dancers. Launda Naach – the name of the group. This is something where the male dancers  dress themselves in female costumes and makeup & dance using vulgar, obscene gestures to entertain the villagers who didn’t have the access to other mediums of entertainment. In India, Bihar is house of these dancers as this is some tradition followed by them….

These dancers are very vulnerable to physical and sexual assault. Few people from Bihar says this is something normal for them and the dancers. The men in Bihar at times carry the boys and gang rape which the public doesn’t consider as violence…. Urgh!

Non-profits focused on empowering sex workers may be alienating large portions of the male sex industry, which if a change happens would be great…






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